When you think of Alaska, does
golf come to mind?
For most would-be travelers, the answer is no . . . but this site
was created to encourage you to "think golf" on your next trip up
North! Golf in Alaska has the best of both worlds. With the long
days, you can play in some parts of the state at any time . . .
including Midnight! The sport is also very affordable. You won't
find any green-fees that cost more than $45.

The State's sampling of golf courses is a pleasant surprise for
many. There are more than 35 golf courses, business and
organizations around the state. Alaskans love their golf and are
willing to share it with you! Most courses are "Alaska-casual," that
means no specific dress code required, like many courses in the
Some courses to ask that you wear a collared- shirt, but for the most part, jeans and other “casual
clothing” is acceptable.

While there are more golf courses than you may expect, do keep in mind that there are only eight
regulation 18-hole courses.  Most of these courses are in the Anchorage & Mat-su area, and ½ are on
military bases; the public, however, is welcome at any course in Alaska!

The smaller golf courses are labors of love.  Many owners have carved their nine-holes out of the
Alaskan tundra simply because they love golf.  They endure the cold winters in the Interior and the rainy
days in the Southeast.  They combat permafrost, snow-mold and animals.  Take a look at their “local
rules” and you’ll see why each course is unique.

Most golf courses have at least a small gift shop that you can find a neat Alaskan golf souvier to bring
back to the golfer in your life. Many courses encourage visitors to see them and have rental sets, and
special visitor rates.

When visiting a golf course, you may want to outfit yourself with a camera, though, to snap a souvenir of
the wildlife you’ll see! Most courses are open Mid-May through Mid-September . . . but with the crazy
Alaskan winters it is always good to call and confirm. For beginners as well as the more accomplished
golfers, your experience will be one you'll never forget! Whatever your pleasure, once you experience golf
in Alaska, you'll "think Alaska" when you "think golf."