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Blake Smith
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Excerpt from Golf For
Women Magazine.
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What do I wear?
sweatshirt are fine.

What about Shoes?
Golf OR Tennis shoes are good.  
Something with a bit of traction.

Do I need my own clubs?
No, we can provide clubs to you.

Who else will be there?
Beginners like you!

Can I bring a friend?
Absolutely!  The more the merrier!
Year- Round Quality Golf Instruction
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If you have NEVER swung a golf club, or putted a golf
ball  . . . this is for you!

You’ll learn how to create a proper "Start" position and
basic swing techniques to create: Long shots, low shots
and high shots. Just as importantly, you’ll learn on-
course etiquette, terminology, and how to feel more
comfortable at the golf course!

Grab 2 or more friends and we can create your own
The most patient Golf
Professional I've ever
met.  He makes learning
golf  simple, and fun."