A gift certificate for a golf lesson with PGA Instructor and
Teacher of the Year - 2005, Blake Smith
Digital Video Analysis:

Using Sony's DCM Video
System, we can  enhance
the learning process of all

By using video we can give
visual feedback then show
individuals how their
swing works with the
following tools -

On Screen Graphics
Key Swing Positions
Slow Motion Playback
Blake Smith
Learn how golf can
help you
Excerpt from Golf For
Women Magazine.
Gift Certificates will be mailed the day of request.  Please send check or money order to:  

Blake Smith's Golf School
11026 Northfleet Dr.
Anchorage AK 99

All prices include Indoor Dome fees.  
Gift certificates can be used for lessons with Blake Smith at
Fox Hollow's Indoor Golf Dome or
Anchorage Golf Course.
Gift certificates expire one year from date of purchase and are transferable.
Year- Round Quality Golf Instruction
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