I have given lessons to golfers of all levels of
experience, from the beginner to the advanced.  
No matter what your skill level, my teaching
philosophy is very simple. I believe each golfer
should understand THEIR priorities to a better golf
swing and golf game. The grip, setup and proper
swing motions are a path to success but I want
each golfer to know their personal golf priorities
and not get wrapped up with too many thoughts. I
strive to make the game enjoyable, and believe
new golfers should have their own "personal par"
to help create a game plan and a rewarding round
of golf!  Understanding YOUR priorities, a good
practice routine and the desire to keep learning will
have you on your way to having more FUN with
“My philosophy is to help each golfer
discover and understand their best
golfing model and not molding golfers
to one style.  Individuals are far too
unique for just one model!"
Blake Smith
Year- Round Quality Golf Instruction