Clubfitting benefits ALL levels of golfers!  

New golfers- Clubfitting is very helpful in finding the right
club specification for your swing and creating the optimum
set of clubs for your game. Start the game off right!

Advanced players- Clubfitting will help maximize your
strengths and minimize weaknesses
without swing
changes! Are you playing with golf clubs that are fit for your
swing? Find out and you will be on your way to lower scores.

As a PGA fitting professional, I will ask you a few general
questions before starting, such as your shot preferences,
tendencies, goals, physical abilities and past and current
golf handicap.

You have the opportunity of being fitted for any type of club,
including:  drivers, fairway woods, irons, wedges, or

You’ll hit several shots so I can visually and/or mechanically
track your clubhead speed, lie angle, shaft loading,
centeredness of hit and average distance.

From this, we will be able to create the optimum club for
YOU!  One with your correct club length, club lie angle, grip
size and shaft flex  to help maximize your potential.

Clubfitting Fee: $45.00  
(approx. 30 minutes.)
Blake Smith
Call or Text
907. 301. 2273
Blake's Clubfitting Goal:

"Personally fitting golf
equipment to allow golfers a
path to their possibilities."
Year- Round Quality Golf Instruction