Blake has experience  teaching all levels of golfers including: women, juniors, seniors and
new golfers.  He makes the game simple and enjoyable, and thinks new golfers should
have their own "personal par" to help them create a game plan and a more enjoyable
round of golf!

Growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona, Blake was surrounded by some of the best golf
instructors in the U.S., and began to see how different swing methods can correct different
swing flaws.

Blake's philosophy on instruction is to help each golfer discover and understand
their best
golfing model and not molding golfers to one style, "individuals are far too unique for just
one model"!

After winning a national junior college golf championship in Scottsdale, Blake got into the
golf business at Desert Highlands, home of the first televised “Skins Game” competition.
Catching the golf bug, Blake moved onto the John Jacobs and Golf Digest Golf Schools as
an instructor after graduating from Arizona State University.

Blake continued his golf education working for the San Diego Golf Academy, an accredited
college providing students with 16 months of extensive golf education and training. Blake
taught: the Rules of Golf, Golf History, Club fitting, Tournament Planning, Advanced Golf
Techniques, Short Game Skills Development and Advanced Teaching Techniques classes.

Before moving to Anchorage, Blake was employed as the Head Golf Professional at the
Dragon Golf Course before being promoted to General Manager at the golf courses',
Nakoma Resort and Spa, a Frank Lloyd Wright original design, located in Northern

Blake was named 2005 & 2007 "Teacher of the Year" in Alaska.
Blake Smith
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