Welcome to Alaska Golf Links.

Golfers globally enjoy the unique golf experience at the Alaska Golf link. As the name suggests, Alaska boosts the vision of the snow-topped mountains, wildlife, and the ocean views. Therefore, the Alaska Golf name comes from bending Alaska and golf.

Most people in Alaska love their golf as most of the courses are "Alaska-casual," based. In other words, no strict rules are governing the courses. For instance, there are no specific dress codes required, compared to many courses in Alaska that demands this.

Most courses in Alaska asks for a collared-shirt, although for the most part, other casual clothing that includes jeans is permitted.

Even if there are many golf courses as expected, you must bear in mind that only eight regulation and 18-hole courses are present. The majority of the courses are in the Mat-Su and Anchorage Fairbanks areas and half of them found on the military bases.

When To Think Of And Play In Alaska Golf

Some people think that most of the Alaska visitors are only travelers, but the answer is no. However, the site was designed to make you “think golf” during your next trip. With the long days, playing in some parts of the state is easy as you can do it up to late midnight. Additionally, the game is affordable and won’t cost you more than $45.

The smaller courses of golf are labor lovers. Most holders have carved their nine-holes on the Alaskan tundra as they love golf. They persevere the chilly winters in the inner and the rainy seasons of the southeast.

Alaska Golf Courses

Most people collect shot glasses or spoons when they move out on a vacation, and others play golf everywhere they visit.? If you take a close view of the frontier and think that it’s simply begging for an extended fairway, then you are wrong. Alaska won’t disappoint you!

There are numerous nice golf courses within the state, others with picturesque views of the nearby mountains. The following are some of the golf courses in Alaska:

  • Black Diamond ?
  • Anchorage Golf
  • Bear Valley
  • Fishhook
  • Valley Of Eagles
  • Sellers bay golf course
  • Sleepy hollow golf
  • Palmer golf ?
  • Moose run golf course
  • Bear Valley course?

Most courses have a small gift shop that you can easily get a clean golf souvier to add back to the golfer in your activities. Furthermore, most courses allow visitors to see them with some special visitor rates.

The Alaska Golf Association

The Alaska Golf Association was launched in 1950 and it’s presently overseeing all the golfing activities to fourteen affiliated clubs. Here are some of the Alaska Golf Association:

  • Valley Golf Association
  • Kenai Golf Association
  • Juneau Golf Club
  • Fairbanks Golf Association
  • Alaska Golf Association
  • Anchorage Women’s Golf Association

For well accomplished and beginners enrolling in the Alaska Golf club, you will never forget about your experience.

Golf School and Instructors

Alaska golf links provide a range of clinics and lessons that assists all levels of golfers to grow their game. The experienced instructors have adequate knowledge and experience that helps in improving beginners to those with zero skills.

Our instructors deliver personalized classes whether you are seeking an on-course playing lesson or personalized lesson options.

Video Golf Lessons
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