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Welcome to Alaska Golf Links.

Alaska – the very name promotes visions of snow-capped
mountains, views of the ocean and wild life.  When you mix
Alaska and golf you get all of the above, and more!

Alaskans love their golf! Most courses are "Alaska-casual," that
means no specific dress code required, like many courses in
the lower-48.  Some courses ask that you wear a collared-
shirt, but for the most part, jeans and other “casual clothing” is

While there are more golf courses than you may expect, do
keep in mind that there are only eight regulation 18-hole
courses.  Most of these courses are in the Anchorage  
Fairbanks & Mat-Su areas, and ½ are on military bases; the
public, however, is welcome at any course in Alaska!
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Linking All Things Golf in the Last Frontier  
The smaller golf courses are labors of love.  Many owners have carved their nine-holes out of
the Alaskan muskeg or tundra simply because they love golf.  They endure the cold winters in
the Interior and the rainy days in the Southeast.  They combat permafrost, snow-mold and
animals.  Take a look at their “local rules” and you’ll see why each course is unique.

So join us for a bit of golf and Alaska.  If you’re a Cheechako or a  Sourdough, you may be
surprised at what the state has to offer!
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